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Appel à projets : Fonds « NEPAD » pour le changement climatique

Le Fonds NEPAD pour le changement climatique a été créé en 2014 par l’Agence de la planification et de coordination du NEPAD avec l’appui du gouvernement de l’Allemagne. Le Fonds NEPAD pour le changement climatique offre une assistance technique et financière aux Etats membres de l’UA, aux Communautés économiques régionales (CER) et les institutions qui répondent aux critères d’admissibilité et les domaines ciblés clairement définies de soutien du Fonds.
Lesdomaines ciblés sont les suivants:

1. Adaptation de l’agriculture au changement climatique
2. Biodiversité
3. Accès et le partage des avantages
4. Développement et le soutien de la mise en œuvre de plans nationaux d’adaptation (PAN)
5. L’intégration du changement climatique dans les plans nationaux d’investissement agricole (PNIA)

Délai : 28 Février 2014

NB : Tous les documents (Plaquette de présentation, Lignes directrices, formulaire de demande…) sont disponibles en Français

Juste un clic pour en savoir plus……/how-apply

Connecting with Nature – call for participants

Biodiversa is offering 26 places for people coming from 10 different countries to participate in our next training course: “Connecting with Nature”, in the beautiful valley of Valdediós (“valley of Gods”), in the region of Asturias, north Cantabric coast of Spain, from 18th to 24th May 2015.

If you can travel to the training course from Albania, Armenia, Austria, Germany, Latvia, Moldova, Portugal, Romania, Serbia or Spain, it’s your banner c2nlucky day! If not, pass this call on to some friends and keep an eye on Biodiversa’s blog and Facebook: there might soon be an opportunity for you.

This training course will be aimed at helping young people living in urban areas to re-connect with their natural environment. We believe that if young people learn to appreciate nature, they will live happier and become more responsible citizens. This has been verified by a recent study by the RSPB: “when young people are connected to nature, it has positive impacts on their education, physical health, emotional wellbeing, and personal and social skills, and helps them to become responsible citizens”.

The objectives of this training course are:

  • To help young people connect with the nature around them,
  • To practice and encourage enjoyment of nature,
  • To develop empathy for creatures,
  • To develop a sense of oneness with nature,
  • To develop a sense of responsibility for the environment.

Conditions for participation:

  • Over 18 years old at the time of the training course,
  • Travelling from any of the 10 partner countries (see top paragraph),
  • Speak English fluently,
  • Ideally come from an urban area,
  • Willing to spend a week inmersed in nature.

Preference will be given to existing members of Biodiversa and the other partner organisations: Föj-Aktiv, Gaia y Sofia, Media Education Centre, Spin Association, Environmental Center for Development Education and Networking, Balta Daba, Viaje a la Sostenibilidad, Asociatia Ecouri Verzi, CRCT Gutta-Club, Neront, Khazer and Homo Ecos.


  • Comfortable accommodation in a big traditional rural house and delicious organic meals will be provided during the training course by the organizers at no cost for you;
  • Your travel costs will be refunded after your participation in the training course (provided all the original tickets and receipts are presented) up to a maximum of 820 EUR for Armenia, 360 EUR for Albania, Latvia, Moldova, Romania and Serbia, 275 EUR for Austria, Germany and Portugal and 180 EUR for Spain (only if you travel from more than 100 km away);
  • Participation fee: Money shouldn’t be an obstacle against your participation – therefore we suggest a sliding scale from 25 to 100€. We want to give you the possibility to self-evaluate how much you can contribute financially, and how much you consider a fair fee for a 7 days training programme. Exceptions to this fee are also possible after evaluation from the organisers in a case by case basis;
  • CO2 offset fee: Please note that you will be required to offset the CO2 emissions produced by your air travel through the following site: This amounts to 15 EUR per person for the round trip (we have calculated the total emissions of your flights in 22 tons of CO2 and shared the compensation costs amongst everyone).

More information:

How to apply:

Fill in the application formDeadline: 16th February at 10AM CET.

This project is funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Commission.